The Obrasso Verlag from Switzerland

Obrasso Verlag AG

Obrasso-Verlag AG is a Swiss music publishing and distribution company based in Wiedlisbach. In the field of brass music, Obrasso Verlag specialises in the production of sheet music for brass band, brass ensemble and wind orchestra. Many of the works have been recorded by top brass bands and wind orchestras under the label Obrasso Records.  

Foundation of the music publishing Obrasso

Obrasso-Verlag AG was founded on 26 September 1983 by the brothers Werner Obrecht and Manfred Obrecht in Wiedlisbach. The name Obrasso is derived from O (for Werner Obrecht), BRASS (brass instruments) and O (for Manfred Obrecht).

In 1991, a separate company building was built, where the publishing house is still based today. Since 2015, the music publisher has been operating an online shop for its own works. Sheet music and CDs are delivered worldwide by Obrasso.

Orientation of Obrasso-Verlag AG

The publishing house is mainly specialised in the publication of original literature and transcriptions of classical works. Works for different instrumentations are offered in nine series. Each series is marked with a colour. In addition to conventionally orchestrated literature, the publishing house publishes sheet music for reduced brass band and wind orchestra instrumentation.

In our online shop we provide free audio samples and sample scores. With a variable and user-friendly search function you can adapt the range of sheet music to your needs in just a few steps. Buy your sheet music online today from the music publisher Obrasso.

Customer Service

We are at your disposal by telephone from Monday to Friday from 09.00 – 12.00 hours. You can reach us at the telephone number +41 32 636 37 27. Whenever possible we recommend that you contact us by e-mail at Enquiries are usually answered within one working day.

The online shop for brass music by Obrasso

Sheet music from the music publisher Obrasso is available online. In 2015 Obrasso-Verlag AG launched a webshop for brass music. Since then, the entire range of wind music (all sheet music and CDs) is available online.

What kind of sheet music is available in the online shop?

The Obrasso publishing house offers sheet music for a wide range of brass bands. Here is an overview of all sheet music series: Brass Band, Easy Brass Band, Wind Band, Easy Concert Band, Junior Band, Brass Ensemble, Brass Solo, Brass School Material, Woodwind Ensemble, Woodwind Solo, Percussion & Symphony Orchestra.

How many scores are available in the online shop?

All sheet music published by Obrasso can be ordered online. Currently there are 3'356 works.

Who can buy sheet music online?

The online shop of Obrasso is available to everyone without restrictions. The offer is primarily directed at conductors, wind soloists and music teachers.

What do I need to pay attention to when buying sheet music?

The online shop of Obrasso is available to everyone without restrictions. The offer is primarily directed at conductors, wind soloists and music teachers.

Where are the sheet music delivered to?

We deliver all sheet music worldwide. Already from a small order quantity we deliver free of charge.

Which music paper does Obrasso use for production?

All sheet music, score and parts, are produced with a designer paper, which is ideal for creative work. Optics and feel reflect the natural character of the cream-tinted music paper. The handle is firm and slightly smooth. Readability is excellent even under extreme lighting conditions.

Can I download sheet music for free from Obrasso?

Yes you can! For the official wind music day, which was proclaimed by the World Brass Association, Obrasso made the official melody available free of charge for numerous wind music ensembles. Here you can download sheet music for free.